Franklin County Restorative Justice Circles

The Community Restorative Circle (CRC) is a community based, Court operated diversion program designed to provide an alternative response from the juvenile justice system for misdemeanor offenders. They adhere to the restorative justice theory which is based on the premise of accountability to the victim and the community. The CRC addresses the needs of the youth, the victim (if applicable) and the community by developing a holistic understanding of the youth offender and the circumstances that led to the offense. The Circle participants discuss the offense, ask questions, and make decisions as to how the offender should take responsibility for his or her actions. These decisions are prepared in the form of a comprehensive, collaborative plan of action that is signed by all parties involved. Juvenile Court staff then monitor the youth’s progress. The information and knowledge gained from this Restorative Justice experience assists the youthful offender to be better equipped to make improved life choices, change negative behaviors and leads to the enhancement of public safety. Successful completion of this diversion process can result in the youth not having a formal court record.

Benefits of the Community Restorative Justice Circles:


Measures of Success: